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Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++, 2nd edition e-book

product title: Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++, 2nd edition e-book

ISBN: 9780133796742

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Bjarne Stroustrup


An introduction to programming by the inventor of C++, Programming prepares students for programming in the real world. This book assumes that they aim eventually to write non-trivial programs, whether for work in software development or in some other technical field. It explains fundamental concepts and techniques in greater depth than traditional introductions. This approach gives students a solid foundation for writing useful, correct, maintainable, and efficient code. This book is an introduction to programming in general, including object-oriented programming and generic programming. It is also a solid introduction to the C++ programming language, one of the most widely used languages for real-world software. It presents modern C++ programming techniques from the start, introducing the C++ standard library to simplify programming tasks.


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