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Essential Organic Chemistry, 3rd Global Edition E-Learning MasteringChemistry

product title: Essential Organic Chemistry, 3rd Global Edition E-Learning MasteringChemistry

ISBN: 9781839614118

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Paula Yurkanis Bruice University of California, Santa Barbara


Modern and thorough revisions to the streamlined, Essential Organic Chemistry focus on developing students’ problem solving and analytical reasoning skills throughout organic chemistry. Organised around reaction similarities and rich with contemporary biochemical connections, Bruice’s 3rd Edition discourages memorisation and encourages students to be mindful of the fundamental reasoning behind organic reactivity: electrophiles react with nucleophiles.
Developed to support a diverse student audience studying organic chemistry for the first and only time, Essentials fosters an understanding of the principles of organic structure and reaction mechanisms, encourages skill development through new Tutorial Spreads and and emphasises bioorganic processes.


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