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Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 6th Global Edition E-Learning with e-book, MyLab Math

product title: Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 6th Global Edition E-Learning with e-book, MyLab Math

ISBN: 9781292351285

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David C. Lay University of Maryland

Steven R. Lay Lee University

Judi J. McDonald Washington State University


Linear Algebra and Its Applications offers a modern elementary introduction with broad, relevant applications. With traditional texts, the early stages of the course are relatively easy as material is presented in a familiar, concrete setting, but students often hit a wall when abstract concepts are introduced. Certain concepts fundamental to the study of linear algebra (such as linear independence, vector space, and linear transformations) require time to assimilate — and students' understanding of them is vital. Lay, Lay, and McDonald make these concepts more accessible by introducing them early in a familiar, concrete n setting, developing them gradually, and returning to them throughout the text so that students can grasp them when they are discussed in the abstract. The 6th Edition offers exciting new material, examples, and online resources, along with new topics, vignettes, and applications.

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