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Essential University Physics, Volume 1, 4th Global Edition, E-Learning MasteringPhysics

product title: Essential University Physics, Volume 1, 4th Global Edition, E-Learning MasteringPhysics

ISBN: 9781292350301

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Richard Wolfson


Richard Wolfson’s Essential University Physics is a concise and progressive calculus-based physics textbook that offers clear writing, great problems, and relevant real-life applications in an affordable and streamlined text. The book teaches sound problem-solving strategies and emphasises conceptual understanding, using features such as annotated figures and step-by-step problem-solving strategies. Realising students have changed a great deal over time while the fundamentals of physics have changed very little, Wolfson makes physics relevant and alive for students by sharing the latest physics applications in a succinct and captivating style. The 4th Edition, Global Edition, incorporates research from instructors, reviewers, and thousands of students to expand the book’s problem sets and consistent problem-solving strategy. A new problem type guides students to see patterns, make connections between problems that can be solved using similar steps, and apply those steps when working problems on homework and exams.


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