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Mathematics for Elementary Teachers with Activities, 5th edition e-book

product title: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers with Activities, 5th edition e-book

ISBN: 9780134506609

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Sybilla Beckmann University of Georgia


For courses in Math for Future Elementary Teachers.
Empowering Tomorrow’s Math Teachers Mathematics for Future Elementary Teachers with Activities, 5th Edition connects the foundations of teaching elementary math and the “why” behind procedures, formulas and reasoning so students gain a deeper understanding to bring into their own classrooms. Through her text, Beckmann teaches mathematical principles while addressing the realities of being a teacher. With in-class collaboration and activities, she challenges students to be actively engaged. An inquiry-based approach to this course allows future teachers to learn through exploration and group work, leading to a deeper understanding of mathematics. Known for her contributions in math education, Beckmann writes the leading text for the inquiry approach; in Mathematics for Elementary Teachers with Activities, students engage, explore, discuss, and ultimately reach a true understanding of mathematics.


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