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Conceptual Integrated Science, 3rd edition e-book

product title: Conceptual Integrated Science, 3rd edition e-book

ISBN: 9781292726090

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Paul G. Hewitt City College of San Francisco

Suzanne A Lyons California State University, Sacramento

John A. Suchocki St. Michael's College

Jennifer Yeh University of California, San Francisco



Conceptual Integrated Science connects ideas across the sciences with an engaging overview of physics, chemistry, earth science, astronomy and biology, at a level appropriate for non-science students. Author Paul Hewitt’s engaging narrative emphasizes unifying concepts across physical and life sciences in a clear, friendly writing style with fun, relevant examples.

The 3rd Edition expands on the theme of integration, deepening connections between the sciences with Integrated Science spreads. Updated Technology boxes feature modern references and contemporary applications that add relevance to help you connect science with your everyday life.


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