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Principles of Marketing 3rd Scandinavian Edition e-book

product title: Principles of Marketing 3rd Scandinavian Edition e-book

ISBN: 9781292355016

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Anders Parment Stockholm Business School

Philip Kotler Northwestern University

Gary Armstrong University of North Carolina


Principles of Marketing, Scandinavian Edition is an ideal introductory text for undergraduate students and practitioners alike. This book, the third Scandinavian edition, is true to Kotler and Armstrong’s classic conceptual framework, which has proved itself an exceptional introduction to marketing and has been used by millions of students all over the world.  
Principles of Marketing outlines and discusses concepts and ideas that help students and practitioners develop an effective marketing strategy for today’s markets. Cases and examples are written to reflect current best practice with a focus on Scandinavian and European companies. The book describes and explains how these companies deal with challenges in domestic and international markets. Set within a Scandinavian context, the text is nonetheless global in scope and thus very relevant for modern marketers.  
This third edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect current marketing theory and practice with a particular focus on sustainability, digitization and changes in consumer behaviour. 
Anders Parment is an award-winning researcher and author. He is a Senior Lecturer and Researcher in Marketing at Stockholm University School of Business. He has won several prizes for his books and teaching, and is a well-known speaker and consultant. 


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