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Research Methods for Business Students, 9th edition e-book

product title: Research Methods for Business Students, 9th edition e-book

ISBN: 9781292402734

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This title:

Mark N. K. Saunders Professor of Business Research Methods, University of Birmingham
Philip Lewis Formerly of University of Gloucestershire
Adrian Thornhill Formerly of University of Gloucestershire


Research Methods for Business Students by Saunders, Lewis, and Thornhill is the definitive textbook for Business, Marketing, and Management students conducting a research-led project or dissertation. This fully revised 9th edition provides excellent coverage guiding you through the entire process, from deciding on a research topic to writing your dissertation or project and presenting your academic poster. By taking a transactional approach, the textbook will help you choose your project through critically reviewing the literature and designing your research, answering key questions such as: How do I generate a research idea and design my research? How do I review the literature critically? Why is research philosophy relevant to my research? How do I collect and analyse my data? When and what do I need to write? How can I do research virtually? This comprehensive guide to conducting research will support you step-by-step at every stage of the process, offering a wealth of thought-provoking features and activities, such as tips and tricks from other students’ experiences on their research projects and a complete glossary of terms. It provides case studies, news, and articles based on the latest virtual and face-to-face methods, discussing how research is used in practice within organisations worldwide. Self-study prompts will further encourage you to apply what you have learned to your own research project. Get data-confident with the worked examples, self-test questions, and downloadable datasets, and take the Heightening Awareness of Research Philosophy survey (HARP) to understand more about your own research philosophy and how it affects your research project. Written by experts in the field, this resource guides you through developing your research skills by taking a clear, concise, and transparent approach, helping you complete and successfully present your research.


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